Summer Nails

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

One thing I love about the warmer months is being able to wear brights, especially at the beach. There's something about wearing a bright color that brilliantly shines through pool or ocean water, or just under the sun as you enjoy some time at the beach or lake.

Here are some summer shades I absolutely love. Some are new favorites, and some are oldies but goodies.

Summer Nail Polish Picks

Essie's "In The Cabana": This is the perfect shade of teal blue that wears well on both fingers and toes. I love how brilliant it is, and it reminds me of Florida, so that makes me pretty happy. Plus, it looks fabulous if you're planning on staying pool- or beachside, or if you're in a sunny state of mind and are dreaming of the coast.

OPI's "You're So Outta Lime": This is a newbie in my collection; it's from OPI's neons collection this year. I normally don't go for greens due to them sometimes clashing with my fair/cool skin tone, but this one wears surprisingly well. It's a cooler shade, so I see it being flattering for any skin tone, really. Plus, it's not too neon for those who want to dip their toes in the brights trend. If you're in the market for trying a green, I recommend this little guy.

Butter London's "Trout Pout": This one's been around a while, but I recently had my fingers and toes done for my trip to Italy in this color as a graduation present. This color is a gorgeous shade of pinky-coral and pretty much goes with everything. It's a great travel color, too.

ORLY's "Orange Punch" "Melt Your Popsicle" (sorry about the misprint!): This is the best neon in the book in my opinion, and it's not for the faint of heart, but it's a fabulous color that reminds me of an orange popsicle. It's bold, and it's bright, but it's amazing on and it can go with pretty much anything if you're wanting to add some citrus-y brilliance to your look.

Bonus Round: Ciaté's Beach House Collection

Ciaté Beach House Collection

I have Ciaté's Doll House set - a gorgeous bunch of pastel matte shades - so I was super-pumped to see that they had created a new box that revolved around brights this time around. I have a particular weakness for royal blue polish, and I'm curious to see how the topcoat (the teal in the center) is used with the other colors.

What nail polish are you wearing this summer? Do you like this season's brights?

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