Ch-ch-ch-changes [to the blog]!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hey, y'all! :)

So I've been itching to change the color scheme of [S]iW just a little bit. I love the lavender and blue, but I kinda felt like switching a thing or two up.

But Savannah, didn't you just do a post on mint and lavender fashion items you were inspired by? Why the sudden change to pink?

Like I said, I love lavender and mint together. And, who knows, maybe I'll switch it back if I feel the itch to change again. However, I was just ready to try something new.

I'd been eyeballing berry and neon yellow for awhile, but I saw a candy pink shade and immediately fell in love with that, too, while still loving the mint and lavender. Long story short, the fact that I love color so much makes it hard to make a decision sometimes, and there are times when I feel like changing things up to go along with my changing tastes in colors. I knew the gold glitter was a non-negotiable, so whatever colors I chose were going to go with that.

Here were some of the schemes I'd made while experimenting with my banner:

Notice how they all have the candy pink as the main color in the title? That was actually one of the original colors I'd picked for the blog when I started it way back in January. As I was messing around on Pixelmator, I had a mini epiphany.

One of my friends associates his memories with colors. He told me that he associated me with a color too - he called it soap pink.

It was then that it hit me: my all-time favorite colors are mint and pink and yellow. Those are the colors I buy most of my clothing/accessories/anything else in. Gold glitter made a fine substitute for neon yellow (plus I would get tired of that, anyways). So, I did a little searching on ColourLovers (where I find ALL my hex codes for things), and bam.

The pink color I wound up picking for the blog is called "pink soap", and I'm so excited that it's easy to read. The mint color I picked is slightly lighter than the one I'd been using, and it totally fits both my tastes right now and the colors I've ultimately always loved. Because of that, I'm so happy that I took the plunge and rebranded the blog.

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