An Instagram Roundup of the Fourth at Grayton

Monday, July 6, 2015

I hope y'all had a safe and wonderful Fourth of July this year! And if you're in another part of the world, I hope you had a fun weekend!

This year's Fourth of July was a really, really fun one. We hopped down to Florida for a weekend to visit my grandparents and just be down here in sunny Grayton for the Fourth. They are incredibly festive here in the panhandle, from the parade bright and early at 8 AM to the fireworks we can see and hear from the beach.

Here are the Instagrams I caught this past weekend. :)

1. This was from the day after we arrived. :) (We got in super-late the night before and all we really wanted was sleep, ha!) But man, I can't get over how amazing that pool felt this weekend once I actually got in it. It was really, really hot down here. Like, 90's hot (but no, I didn't try to fry any eggs on the pavement, for the curious).

2. The 4th was also my dogs' birthday. Harvey and Azalea are 11 this year, and they are still the cutest. :) The beads I'm wearing are from Grayton's Fourth of July parade.

3. While Dad and I walked down to the beach, I saw these gorgeous neon-colored sailboats down the shoreline. That water in front of what looks like a sandbar is actually the inlet of a lake that locals call the "Washout." Because it's lake water (that sometimes opens to the ocean), there's not really any surf, and it's safe for kids to play in. Beyond those sailboats is the ocean. If I were to pan the camera right or left, you'd see tents and beach chairs packed end-to-end. The beach is CROWDED over the Fourth weekend, especially July 4th day.

4. Last, but not least, is my favorite reading spot in the entire world: the front screened porch of my grandparents' house. Especially when it's raining or has just rained. :) (By the way, I finished The Wrath and the Dawn yesterday, and it'll be part of the July book wrap-up I'll do later on).