Hawaii, I Love You! | Part 2: Honolulu

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Aloha, once again! :)

After my friends and I adventured around Kauai, we hopped a plane (probably the shortest flight I've ever been on, clocking in at 20 minutes or so) to the island of Oahu.

Once we landed in Honolulu, the landscape totally changed. The peaks and valleys changed to skyscrapers, but the beaches remained the same, with clear blue water and shell-laden sand.

So, here's what all we saw during our stay in Honolulu!

Leonard's Bakery

I had seen Leonard's Bakery floating around on YouTube and online in general, and we had to put it on our to-do list since it had gotten great reviews...and who wouldn't want to try Portuguese, palm-sized donut holes?

They were SO. GOOD.

Pearl Harbor/USS Missouri

Then, we made sure to visit Pearl Harbor. The boats weren't going out to the Memorial due to high winds, but we were still able to visit and actually board the USS Missouri - also known as the "Mighty Mo" - which is filled with so much history. This was where the treaty that closed World War II was signed.

The Dole Plantation

After we visited Pearl Harbor, we decided to swing by the Dole Plantation, home to the Dole Pineapples. Because of the high winds and heavy rain, a lot of stuff around the plantation was closed, but we were determined to buy Dole Whips anyway.

A Dole Whip is pineapple soft-serve, sometimes with pineapple juice, sometimes with pineapple pieces on top, but it's absolutely delicious however it's served. (Side note: if you've ever been to Disney World, they serve these in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom.)

Let's just say that the Dole Whips were a huge success, regardless of the heavy rain. 

Iolani Palace/Kamehameha

As we drove back from the Dole Plantation, the rain let up, so we decided to stop by Iolani Palace, the palace of the last queen of Hawaii before the islands were incorporated into the United States.

Diamond Head

The next day, after we had lunch with some of my friend's friends in Honolulu (who were super, super nice), we made plans to hike the Diamond Head state monument trail. This trail was definitely different than the other two we hiked back on Kauai, but the views over the Honolulu skyline were my absolute favorite.

Waikiki Beach

Finally, during our last afternoon before our flight home, we spent time around Waikiki Beach. While our snorkeling by the shoreline wasn't as successful as on Kauai (I saw leaves instead of fish), the views from the ocean were amazing, possibly even better than the ones from Diamond Head, just because it seemed like the city was right there on the water.

And that concludes my two-part Hawaii series!
If you want to catch up on the first part, where we adventure around Kauai, click here.


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