Fried Egg + Avocado on Toast

Friday, October 21, 2016

I've been trying to experiment with cooking lately.

Cooking in general is an important life skill, and now that I've been out of college for a few years, I know I'll never take having free access to a kitchen for granted (as opposed to having to sign up for a kitchen, limited fridge space, having to label your food so people don't steal it, etc.).

But regardless, I've been wanting to try out something new with a classic recipe I love to make. And when I had avocados in the house, I jumped at the opportunity.

So, dear readers, here is a quick and easy recipe for fried egg and avocado on toast. :)

For one serving, you will need:

  • One avocado half
  • One piece of your favorite bread for toast
  • One egg
  • Cracked sea salt (to taste)

1. Toast your toast.
2. While your toast is toasting (how many times can I say toast in this post? ha!), go ahead and prepare your avocado. Wash the avocado first, then cut off the end, cut around the edges (making sure the knife goes in pretty deep, touching the pit inside even), and twist the halves so that they pop off (don't be afraid to use your knife to help the process). Once you have two halves, remove the avocado pit and scoop out the delicious avocado inside (or peel the skin away...whichever is easier for you).
3. Your toast should be ready by now, so go ahead and place your fresh avocado on your toasted toast. Set the avocado and toast aside.
4. Now, start frying your egg like you normally would: on medium heat, melt 1 tbsp of butter on a skillet first, then crack your egg directly onto the skillet surface. Flip the egg over when the egg whites are opaque, then flip again after a minute or so. Be careful of your skillet as sometimes the butter can pop and be very, very hot.
5. Once your egg is fried how you want it, go ahead and place it on top of your avocado and toast, add salt to taste, and you're done!

You can easily double this recipe since it's best to use up a full avocado once you cut into it, and you can also try out other seasonings, too, like Sriracha! This is a great and easy brunch recipe, and it's quick to make on your busy days.

I hope you enjoyed this little recipe post! :) What is your favorite quick recipe? Let me know in the comments!

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Monday, October 17, 2016

I've been blogging in this space for over 2 years (this blog turns 3 in January next year!), and it's hard to think of what I haven't told you guys about. It's my goal to be open about my faith and what I believe in, as well as my passions, when I blog.

But I also want you to get to know me, the blogger, so I've used all kinds of tag posts to let you do just that. This isn't exactly a tag post, but I thought it'd be fun to share some super-random things that you may not have known about me. :)

1. I spent one year as a Studio Art major in college. Art school was an interesting as well as fun experience, and my favorite class I took as an art major was Color Theory.

2. I've only lived in one state, but a few cities. I've lived in Franklin, Nashville, and Henderson, Tennessee.

3. Harry Potter has and always will be one of my favorite series. Confession time: I haven't read all of the books, but I've seen all of the movies. Plus, a related fun fact: I saw the Daniel Radcliffe run of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" on broadway in New York City. That was a crazy fun experience, I tell you what.

4. I actually didn't seriously start drinking coffee until late in high school. As much as I love coffee now, this may come as a shock. ;)

5. On another food-related note, I didn't eat my first Twinkie until freshman year of high school. Needless to say, I prefer coffee.

6. I'm kind of a photography nerd. I took a photography seminar class in college, and I actually maintained a photography blog as part of that class. While I prefer to use my cell phone these days, I did learn a lot about taking photos, and I still use some of what I've learned today.

7. I'm also a big fan of superheroes. My favorite DC superhero is Superman, and my favorite Marvel superhero has to be Hawkeye.

8. Back when I was a kid, I was into both Barbies and Legos. I also wanted to be an architect as a child, too. (Does world-building in writing count as being an architect? Ha!)

9. Back when I learned to drive, one of the first places my parents taught me to drive to well (besides church) was our local taco shop.

10. Finally, I have been a born-again Christian for ten years as of last January 12th. I am so thankful for the decade I've had to grow in Christ, and am excited for the next ten years and beyond!

I hope you liked this quick little post! Thanks for reading. :)

My 25th Birthday Week + Weekend

Saturday, October 15, 2016

One week ago today, I turned 25 years old. That day (and the days prior) were some of the most fun I've had in a long while.

So, let's cut to the chase: here's what I did during my birthday week and weekend. :)

Tuesday, October 3: Nashville with Family

In the days before my birthday, Mom and Dad and I went to Nashville to the Hermitage Hotel for early birthday breakfast. I had been years before, but I had forgotten how phenomenal the breakfast actually was.

After breakfast, Mom and I ventured into 12 South (a district in East Nashville), where we found the "I Believe in Nashville" sign again, as well as some cute boutiques and the Franklin Juice Company (which was great, by the way).

Friday, October 7: Nashville with Friends

During this weekend, we were also celebrating my friend Amy's birthday, which was on the 5th. So, my friends from Franklin, Florence, and I went back to 12 South because one, we love the area, and two, we wanted to get some good food.

When Mom and I were in 12 South, we came across this restaurant called The Flip Side that looked like it could be a cool place. So, the girls and I went and visited, and...y'all. It's SO good.

The place is inspired by a 60's diner, but their specialty is simple: you can order a pounded and breaded (or grilled) chicken breast with any toppings you want. I ordered the "Pollo Ranchero" chicken, which came with black beans, a fried egg, cheddar cheese, and red and green salsa. It was phenomenal, and I highly recommend this dish (and the restaurant in general) if you're in the area.

Then, we went to Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. There's a few locations in Nashville, but this ice cream shop was right on 12th Avenue South within walking distance of The Flip Side. They have unconventional flavors, but they're delicious. For example, I got the Goat Cheese and Dried Cherries ice cream, which at a glance sounds questionable, but it was amazing, I promise! :)

That night, we ate dinner with my friends and their family, and all in all, a great time was had.

Saturday, October 8: My Birthday! + The Farmer's Market + Cheesecake

On Saturday, we decided to visit the Franklin Farmer's Market. I LOVE my hometown's farmer's market because of all the great food and wares, but my favorite part has to be the homemade lemonade stand. They make some great homemade lemonade, and depending on the day, they will add in different fruits, herbs, or other flavors. That day, it was ginger. I personally didn't try it, but my friends who did said it was great.

That night, I returned home and had cheesecake for dessert. :) Because, why not?

So, how do I feel about being 25 so far, after one week?

Well, it's been a lot of fun. :) Granted, it's just another age; I'm not suddenly wiser just because I'm a year older, or even because I've hit the milestone of my mid-twenties. I'm just excited to see where God leads me, and I know that no matter what happens - good or bad - I have God, my friends, and my family by my side.

Car Talk

Monday, October 3, 2016

Growing up, Mom and I used to listen to a radio show on NPR called "Car Talk." On it, two seasoned mechanics - who happened to be brothers - nicknamed Click and Clack took calls about any and all car questions that listeners had to ask. Click and Clack were fantastic radio personalities, and it didn't take long before Mom and I were rolling with laughter. The show ran for several years until one of the brothers sadly passed away, but I still have fond memories of listening to that show with my Mom in the car.

However, that's not what today's post is about.

I've been trying to make a habit of talking to God while I'm in the car. I drive by myself quite often, whether that's to work or to hang out with friends. And, lately, I'm glad to say that it's been incredibly beneficial in my walk with God.

Here are some of the things and people I've prayed about/for:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Safe and productive work weeks for all
  • Healing for anybody I know who's sick (or don't know)
  • My future husband
  • That whatever I/my family/my friends do for work that day (or for any occasion), we do for the glory of God
  • That my drive is safe
  • Thanks for various things (especially for my Savior)
If you ever want to try praying in the car, I highly recommend it, because for one thing, it's definitely put me more at ease when I do pray than when I don't, no matter what time it is or what I'm doing. But all that being said, I pray because God loves me and He wants me to come to Him for everything.

And He wants the same for you.