Apps I've Been Loving Lately

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I love playing with new apps. I really, really do - especially photo apps.

Whenever I see an interesting app crop up, I get excited. Sometimes these new apps are good, some are meh, and some I just can't see myself using on the regular. However, I've found a few new apps that I've really enjoyed.

This app boasts simple, film-like filters that lightly edit photos (lightly...get it? haha!).

I love it for its subtle editing. I use this when I don't really feel like heavily editing photos, and I can directly import photos into Whitagram (or any other photo cropping app) for further tweaking before I post them to Instagram. I'd also compare this to VSCO cam, too, but with more subtle editing and easier features (at least in my opinion).

This is a newbie to my collection. However, after playing with this app some, I can tell you right now that it's a favorite.

The stickers and phrases you can use are fabulous and adorable, the color options are great, the filters are surprisingly extensive (especially compared to A Beautiful Mess - an all-time favorite of mine), and - this is the best part - the have photo prompts built into the app. Ever wanted to try those monthly photo challenges? Now you have them at your fingertips!

I'm aware that there are other apps like this, but I really love this video cropping app just because 1) the colors are easier to pick from, 2) you don't have to have it be 15 seconds if you don't want to, and 3) you can tilt the video, which adds interest to your feed. 

Here's what I mean:


Have you seen me tag photos on my Instagram with places? I've been using this app to do it.

My mom introduced this app to me. It uses your location - via wifi or cell tower - to tag your location and create an overlay with it to use on your photos. It's fun to make these at different locations. :)

I'm a fan of monograms. Maybe it's just the South in me, or maybe it's just the fact that I honestly get excited when I see my name on things - Savannah was an uncommon name back when I was little. But I digress.

This app is a great way to make your own monogram wallpapers right on your phone. You have so many options in fonts, backgrounds, and colors, and you can also use your own images. It's honestly the best monogram app I've ever used. Plus, it's compatible for iPads, too!

Here are some I've made:


Of course, a blog-related app is on this list. ;)

I didn't think that this app would be used as much as my other social media - especially since I prefer reading my favorite blogs on a desktop - but I actually really love it. It's fabulous for travel and catching up on blogs on the go.

What apps have you been loving lately?

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