How to Find Unique Places to Visit When Traveling

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I was scouring Pinterest the other day, browsing various travel pins, and I happened across some amazing little hidden gems. It sometimes takes a little digging - online and off - but it's entirely possible to find really cool stuff off the beaten path wherever you're visiting.

So, whether you're traveling abroad or across town, here are some ideas for how to find unique places, dining, and/or attractions wherever you land.

Ask around.
Word of mouth is sometimes the best way to find cool places that you might love. Let family or friends know your next destination and ask for their recommendations. Or, if you know people in a certain city, give them a call or a quick message ahead of time and ask what they like.

Watch YouTube.
I'm not even kidding, this is how I discovered the Cereal Killer Cafe, along with the entire district of Shoreditch in London. If you follow travel vloggers or even your favorite lifestyle YouTube channels, keep an eye out for any videos they post about places you're planning on visiting. You may find some of the happiest little gems.

As I mentioned earlier, Pinterest is a goldmine, not just for pictures (seriously, the travel photography people pin is amazing), but for post upon post on any place you can imagine. From packing lists to itinerary planning, Pinterest is a fantastic leaping-off point.

How about you? How do you find the unique little things or places while you travel?