How I Style Delicate/Smaller Necklaces

Friday, July 18, 2014

I love statement necklaces as much as the next girl, but there are days when I want to wear something small, like my Tennessee necklace. Thankfully, these are actually easy to style, possibly easier than statement necklaces on some days.

So, without further ado, here's how I style outfits when I wear delicate, smaller necklaces.

With Both Everyday Basics and Dressier Items

The beauty of smaller pieces is that they can go with pretty much everything. You can dress them up and down, and they're appropriate for almost all occasions (I wouldn't recommend playing sports in them). Also, not only can you transition them from more formal to casual situations, but you can also wear the same one every day, especially if it's in a neutral color or metal.

With Brighter, Bolder Prints
Are you wearing a statement piece with a bold print, such as a brightly-colored shift dress or neon blouse? Then a smaller necklace is the piece of jewelry for you. Because of their versatility, smaller necklaces can work with a variety of pieces, and they don't have the potential to overpower an already bright outfit like a statement necklace might. This also works well with pieces that have lots of detail - such as embroidery or beading - that you don't want to cover up.

I'd wear this combination on days when I'm going to church or a fancier event, and decide to opt for a bright dress over a bright piece of jewelry. It's all about balance here. :)

Which type of necklace do you prefer: statement or simple? How do you wear your smaller/delicate necklaces?

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