A Dress for Every Fandom

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I have to say that it seems much easier for women to have a variety of interests. I say this because when I was little, I had a Gameboy Color and I played with Legos. I had one friend who asked me "why don't you call it a Game Girl?" and I also remember it being a shock that I could play Pokemon and hold my own. I also felt like I was the only one who was interested in stuff like Legos when I was in my middle school years, so there were times that I felt different and awkward. Thankfully, I have a family and plenty of true friends who support my many interests - from the Avengers to nail art - to this day.

Speaking of Avengers (and other fun things like that), I discovered these clothes from heruniverse.com today via Justine Ezarik (iJustine)'s Instagram. Oh my goodness. A bunch of these are precious, and they are geek chic in the best way. I wish something like this existed back when I was younger - but then again, I wasn't into Doctor Who and various superheroes like I am now.

Plus, with Comic Con coming up, these would be so much fun to wear there. :)

Here are some of my favorites:

Star Wars Vintage Sheet Print Dress (My favorite...I love the Peter Pan collar!) | Doctor Who Van Gogh Print Infinity Scarf | Captain America Cardigan (The shield is on the back!)

They also have apparel that would be perfect for Halloween, too, if you're wanting to dress up without having to go for a full-fledged costume. They have clothes based on Marvel, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Transformers, The Walking Dead, and Star Trek.

What do you think of these pieces? Are you a fan of any of these fandoms/franchises?

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