An Instagram Roundup of What's Been Up Lately

Sunday, July 13, 2014

1.) This is my favorite mug. Or, one of them at least. I had some Earl Grey tea about a week ago - it was delicious, as always - so this is a TON of British joy in one post. Oh, and I love the little baby mug doodle in the corner. He came from the Little Moments app.

2.) I finally ate at Frothy Money in Downtown Franklin for the first time ever! I'd had their coffee before, but I was so excited to finally try their food - especially since they have breakfast food until 5 PM (Yay!). I tried one of their specials: the Cheesy Grit Scrambler, which was basically eggs over well on top of a bed of cheese grits. AKA, joy on a plate with a strawberry garnish. That - plus the iced coffee - was awesome. Definitely going back to try more things at some point.

3.) My friend Jason came all the way from South Africa and stopped through Franklin for a few days! We had a fun time catching up. This is one of the selfies we took, and I think it describes our friendship pretty well.

4.) Puckett's is a good idea, as always. Mom got a picture of me, Jason, and my cousin Nick in front of the sign before we had breakfast. Top tip: you can order Country Ham as a side meat. It was excellent with my eggs and cheese grits. :)

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