#LimeCrimeVENUS: A Review

Thursday, November 13, 2014

If you saw my Instagram post yesterday, you'll know that I got a happy little package in the mail containing some makeup I ordered from one of my favorite cosmetic companies, Lime Crime. :) I ordered their Venus Palette and a lipstick in the shade "Babette" (which is an AWESOME lip color; it's definitely one of my new favorites).

This palette is AMAZING. I thought the artwork of Venus with blue hair was cool enough, but the shadows inside are actually gorgeous.

Here are the shades you get (from left to right, top to bottom):

  • Venus: cranberry shimmer
  • Shell: rose gold shimmer (more pink than gold)
  • Aura: pale gold shimmer
  • Creation: milk chocolate matte with a teensy bit of shimmer
  • Icon: espresso brown, same finish as Creation but with a little more shimmer
  • Rebirth: pinky coral, same finish as Creation
  • Divine: latte-toned matte
  • Muse: deep, rust red matte

As bright as the shades seem online, they're actually a little bit muted in person (which is surprising, given Lime Crime's track record of neon brights). Because of this, the palette is even more wearable for day than I expected it to be. It's based on Botticelli's Venus with 90's grunge elements, so muting the shades slightly does make sense.

I only wished that there were more mattes, but that's because I'm used to Urban Decay's palettes. Some of the shades (described as kind of having shimmer above) only have the tiniest amount of shimmer that's only visible if you look at it really closely. If you're familiar with MAC eyeshadows, this would be close to their Veluxe Pearl finish; not too shimmery, not too matte. 

This is only a small thing, and it doesn't affect the shadows' quality, which is excellent across the board. Even the darker eyeshadows seem to blend out really, really well.

I've played with this palette already, and I wore Aura all over the lid and Divine in the crease. I'm curious try the other shades out during the day (and night...I'm looking at you, Icon and Muse) as well.

Want to see another review of Lime Crime products? Check out my review of a couple of their lipsticks here. The red lipstick I reviewed is my favorite red of all time! :)

Also, just as a quick disclaimer before I go, I'm not sponsored by Lime Crime. I just really love this palette and wanted to share it with y'all. :)

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