Build Your Own Makeup Starter Kit

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Makeup can be a tricky thing sometimes. It's like any art form: it requires practice, and it's so much fun to just play around with.

For today's post, I thought it'd be fun to show y'all how to build your first makeup starter kit. You can change this around based on what you're comfortable with, or what you're allowed to wear (especially if you're younger or go to a school/workplace that limits makeup...when in doubt, ask!). Also, feel free to use whatever brands you like, too; these just happen to be my favorite.

Foundation - Starting out, I would recommend BB Cream, especially this one by Maybelline. If you want heavier coverage, go with a liquid foundation, and if you want lighter coverage, go with a powder. Just do some research to see what would work best for you. The best way to find your perfect shade yourself is to use a tester, put some on your fingertip, and swipe it along your jawline. If it disappears into your skin, you've found your shade.

Concealer - Some days, I can get away with putting concealer on without foundation if I'm in a hurry. Just shop for concealer the same way you would foundation. Concealers also come in a wide variety of finishes: gel, liquid, powder. You can wear it by itself or set it with powder; it's up to you.

Eyeshadow Primer - This is optional, but if you have trouble getting your eyeshadow to stay all day - which I do - then eye primer is an excellent addition to your makeup kit. There are so many varieties to choose from, so just look up some reviews to see what looks good. (I recommend Too Faced and Urban Decay eyeshadow primers)

Eyeshadow Palette - If you're starting out, I recommend a solid set of neutrals for everyday. If you're like me and like sparkle, many brands make neutrals with shimmer, too, so don't worry about having to wear something boring. You can always add bright and fun colors later. :)

Eyeliner - If you're brand-new to eyeliner, start with pencil (Liquid gets really tricky, but can be mastered with a ton of practice; I'm just now getting the hang of it and I'm 23. Ha!). I recommend starting with brown or gray - that's what I did - because of how natural it looks.

Mascara - Mascara is one of the hardest products to shop for, in my opinion. It can be overwhelming to browse so many brands, but there's something for everyone. It just takes a little extra research to find the best ones.

Blush - Find a sheer blush in pink or peach to start with, and you can build it up on your cheeks to whatever you're most comfortable with. You can go with a matte or shimmery finish, too; just be sure to apply it lightly at first.

Balm or Gloss - Polish all this off with your favorite lip balm or gloss. The possibilities are literally endless with lip products, so find the one that you love wearing the most for everyday that makes you feel the most confident. :)

The best part about makeup is that it's a fun way to express yourself. Just don't forget that you're accentuating what God gave you, and that your inner beauty is the most important. :)

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