What to Pack for Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's officially one week before Thanksgiving! :)

It's also around this time that folks are starting to travel for the Holiday season, whether that's across a state, the country, or the globe. Because of this, lots of us will be packing for the road or plane trips ahead.

So, here's my recommendations for your Thanksgiving packing list! :)

(Note: This list is designed for a cooler-weather Thanksgiving. Please tailor this to your destination if you're going somewhere warmer or even colder. When in doubt, check the weather before you pack.)

What to Pack for Thanksgiving

  • Plaid/Flannel Shirts - These are SO comfy and work well with your favorite pair of jeans. They're also great for a casual Thanksgiving day of chilling and eating.
  • Dresses - I like to pack at least a couple of dresses for Thanksgiving for two reasons: church and Thanksgiving day (if I'm feeling dressy).
  • A Multitude of Sweaters - From chunky to embellished, sweaters are just a great idea for this season in general. Pair these with your favorite scarves and coats for extra warmth.
  • Jeans, Leggings, and Tights - These items in basic, neutral colors will carry you through the entire Thanksgiving week. Want to add color? I recommend darker colors like burgundy and hunter green.
  • Comfy walking shoes & flats - Again, these in neutral colors are great, versatile options for your entire week.
  • Beauty Essentials - As far as beauty goes, I recommend a great lip balm or Chapstick and an eyeshadow palette with neutral colors to wear throughout your week, day or night. Then, just add products from your normal beauty & skincare routine, and you're set. :)

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