Have Faith

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

You can find blessings in unexpected places.

Let me explain.

Yesterday, my grandfather and I were grabbing some food from Chikfila. While grabbing said food, I noticed that in the back, Luke 17:6 was written on the back of a whiteboard. I love Chikfila for the values they uphold so - naturally, this piqued my interest.

It was the moment that I picked up a cup of lemonade that I noticed the same verse written on the side of the cup. Huh.

I really think that verse was there for us - in that moment - for a reason.

In my personal experience, God has always found a way to find and help me out in ways that I never thought I'd need. Something simple as scribbling a verse on a lemonade cup actually made such an impact that I'm sure the waitress helping us didn't see right away. It's moments like these that help my faith and make it even stronger.

So, what I'm trying to say is that if you find a verse you love, share it. If you even have some insight that you discovered while living daily life, share it. You never know who - and how many - you'll help and support by doing so.

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