Re: Doctor Who, Season Eight

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A few months ago, I wrote about this season of Doctor Who and reviewed the first episode, all in one post. We got a new Doctor, new adventures, and new eras to which the Doctor would travel.

We also got a very complex storyline that didn't quite make sense to me until the final minute of the season finale. One that may not even be truly resolved until this year's Christmas Special.

We also got amazing fashion. (I thought Clara Oswald's fashion game was on point this season, mainly because I discovered that I actually have the same ring that she does in one of  the episodes. Note to all y'all: if you go to Topshop for clothes or jewelry, especially rings, it's possible that you'll see it on Doctor Who. I found that out via

gif from Tumblr

This season was...interesting. I had some episodes I really enjoyed, and others I didn't like as much. There were times when I applauded the Doctor, times when I scratched my head in confusion, and times when I just said woah.

Favorite episodes this season:
  • Deep Breath
  • Listen
  • Time Heist
  • Death in Heaven (Season Finale Part 2)

Least favorite episodes:
  • Kill the Moon
  • Mummy on the Orient Express
  • Dark Water (Season Finale Part 1)

I will say that the final episode (well, part 2) did tie a lot of strings very, very well. Plus, there were various reference to past seasons and characters, from the 50th anniversary special to even some of the first series of Doctor Who ever, which was a nice touch.

As far as the Doctor himself is concerned, I'm optimistic about next season. I think I've gotten used to Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, and based on how the season ended, I have a good feeling that we'll be seeing his character go through a lot more development, especially as far as seeing things from others' perspective is concerned.

Long story short, this season was an unexpected mixed bag of episodes this time around, but I'm glad I watched it to completion. Regardless of how much I like an episode, I always love every time the Doctor hops into the TARDIS to see what's in store for him in the galaxy. :) (Especially in the Christmas Special!! I'm so pumped!)

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