How to Make a Getting-Ready Playlist

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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I listen to music a lot, but I probably most often listen to it when I get ready in the mornings. Whether I have ten or thirty minutes, or even an hour before I run out the door, I try to squeeze in some kind of upbeat music or play some songs from one of the playlists on Spotify or my phone.

Speaking of playlists, they can actually be great tools to help you get ready in the morning. I have a super-easy tutorial for y'all that should help you make the best playlist for your mornings, no matter what your musical taste may be. :)

  1. Start with how much time you normally have to get ready. For me, this varies between thirty minutes to an hour, but you can do more or less.
  2. Start putting together your favorite songs, keeping that time limit in mind.  iTunes and Spotify both have meters for how long your playlist is, so reference that every so often while you gather music.
  3. Have fun with it! Make playlists with specific genres of music, and make playlists for specific occasions, like getting ready for a night out. Hey, you can just title the playlist with an emoji if you want. The possibilities are endless!
What do you listen to when you get ready in the mornings? Do you listen to different things for different occasions?

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