A Golf-Carting Adventure in Peachtree City

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

This Thanksgiving week, I've been visiting family in Georgia. It's been great to catch up with and see friends and family down here. :) Plus, Thanksgiving is in just a few days! Yay!

The other day, my cousin took me on a golf cart ride through the entirety of Peachtree City. Then, yesterday, I took it for a spin myself.

It's basically one giant circle of pine trees, with various shops and a huge park and golf course in between. Residents can literally drive to school, work, or even Walgreens', just so long as they stay on designated paths or very, very specific subdivision roads. It's amazing, and I wish they had golf cart accessibility in Franklin.

We had a great time on the cart. :) My cousin gave me a tour of the town in a way I hadn't seen before. Through each and every winding path that our cart traveled, we got to see both the town and the nature that surrounds it. The great Fall weather didn't hurt, either.

When I drove yesterday, I was amazed at how easy it was. If you can drive a car, driving a golf cart is cake. I told my grandfather (who rode with me that day) that it was dangerous that I was able to access a Target so easily. ;) Ha!

For now, here are some of the the snaps I took while riding with my cousin...and they are gorgeous. :)

My favorite thing that we saw by far was this "Leave a Book, Take a Book" mini library in one of the yards in the subdivision. My cousin told me that she enjoyed seeing what books were in there. These neighbors were thoughtful and sweet to give so many people access to books if they want to read, and I absolutely love that.

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