Friday, November 21, 2014

If y'all have been reading my blog for awhile (or know me in real life), you'll know that I'm kind of obsessed with Disney movies. I adore the Disney Princess movies, not just for their gorgeous animation (especially in the older ones), but also for how genuinely good the storytelling is and how good the characters are.

So, when I found out about the new Cinderella movie coming out, I was excited. Then the trailer came out...and I'm actually still excited.

It's interesting when a trailer pretty much goes through the entire story right up until nearly the very end, but I guess Cinderella is such a classic story that most people are going to know what comes next. However, this movie looks gorgeous

One thing I'm curious about, though: is this a musical? I'm cool with it either way, but it'll be interesting if it is, especially following "Into the Woods" coming out this Christmas (which I'm also extremely excited for :] ).

What do you think of the new Cinderella movie? Do you like the trailer? Are you planning on seeing it when it comes out?


  1. Yay! It looks amazing!! I love Disney movies, and since most the actors have British accents (which makes it all the more awesome) I'm really looking forward to it! :D

    1. Oh, me too! :D You may recognize the Fairy Godmother - she's played by Helena Bonham Carter, who's played Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter films, and the Queen of Hearts in the newer Alice in Wonderland movie.