The Fall Colors I'm Loving

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I'm a big fan of Fall, as y'all can probably tell by now. The biggest part of it that I love has to be the leaves changing color, from green to yellow to orange to burnt red.

Just as the seasons change, the colors I'm into change, too. I'm still into mint, pink, metallics, and glitter of course, but I throw in a few other colors that I normally don't wear until the weather gets cooler.

Here are the colors I'm loving this Fall. :)


Navy Favorites

I love Navy in the Fall because of the fact that it's so versatile. It's a neutral, so you can pair it with any color or any other neutral (black/white/brown) or metal. Speaking of metals, I especially like navy and gold together.

This season, I've mainly been wearing navy on my nails. It's a great eyeliner color, too.

I've been loving purple in general this year, but there's something about deep purple that has been drawing me in lately, especially with the change of seasons. Purple this dark is almost a neutral, and it's surprising how well it goes with other colors. 

I've been wearing deeper purples on my nails, but I also wear deep purple on my lips in the form of lip gloss.


Pink has always been a favorite color of mine, but I've only recently come to really love raspberry shades. Raspberry is a super-easy way to transition more girly pieces into Fall. 

I go for this as a lipstick color if I'm wanting to go more bold and don't feel like wearing red. This color would also be great to wear this Holiday season, too!

Candy Apple/Bordeaux Red

Candy Apple/Bordeaux Red Favorites

Red will always be a classic in my book. Whether I'm going for a true, bright red or a something a smidge darker, I tend to gravitate towards red if I want to wear something bold, classic, or both. Candy apple red is timeless for all seasons, and it's fantastic as a lipstick shade or for clothing. Bordeaux red is fantastic, too, and I tend to wear it on my nails more.

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