An Instagram Roundup of Delightful Mail, Great Music, & Red Riding Hoods

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

1. I was feeling under the weather last week, and thus I drank a whole lot of tea. My favorites right now are South African Rooibos tea (Thanks to my wonderful SA friends!) and Constant Comment (Thanks Mom & Mimi!)

2. Harvey is just the sweetest. I honestly think he knows how to look right in the camera, given that I've taken so many pictures of him and Azalea.

3. This delightful phone case I ordered from Casetify came in the mail last week! It's designed by Dana from Wonder Forest. I really enjoy her blog, and I'm so happy that she has her wonderful artwork on phone cases now.

4. We have an albino squirrel in our neighborhood! I occasionally see him wandering around our neighborhood, mostly in just one of the yards. He's adorable and my family and friends and I love taking pictures of him. I mean, why not?

5. I took this picture at Pumpkinfest and edited it with one of VSCO cam's fabulous black & white filters. I love the way it turned can really see how crowded it is here, but I love how you can see the center of Downtown Franklin's main square.

6. I dressed up as Red Riding Hood for my church's Trunk-or-Treat this past Sunday! I had SO MUCH FUN. 

7. I bought Taylor Swift's newest album on iTunes pretty much the moment it came out. (I may or may not be reviewing it on the blog...hint hint. ;] )

8. One of the newest candles in my collection is "Topaz Waters" by Bath & Body Works. The container is SO pretty with its turquoise color and gilded trim, and it smells like the ocean, so it makes me super super happy. :)

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