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Monday, October 6, 2014

So, I needed to replace my phone charger cord because it frayed at the end.

I hopped onto the Apple website to look at a replacement, but then I had a thought: Since this is the second or third time this has happened, why not try a different cord and see how that goes?

I proceeded to order a charger cord from Amazon instead. I knew it was going to be a little more fun already with the gold color it came in, but I wound up loving the way it looked. I liked having something as mundane as a phone charger be as exciting to look at as one of my own accessories I would wear. Plus, I think this cord will last a lot longer, too, which I'm the most happy about.

Basically, there's something about tech accessories that's just so fun. I tend to go for things - tech or otherwise - in bright colors or shiny metallics, because I feel like they reflect my personal taste in a way that makes the slightly more mundane objects more interesting.

Sure, you can personalize your cell phone already with cases, but why stop there? There are quite a few products out there that are both fun and functional for your phone, computer, and more.

I'm all for cute tech things, but as a quick disclaimer, it's always important to check item reviews before you make a purchase, especially if it's meant to charge your device or keep it protected.

With that said, here's a few happy gadgets that I've discovered around the internet and wanted to share with you. :)

Giant Gem Speaker

There are plenty of wireless speakers to choose from in many colors and styles, and by many brands, too. However, this speaker has to be the absolute cutest one I've ever seen.

Not only would it look great on a desk, but it'd also be fantastic to take on trips or to use during parties. Plus, it seems to last awhile before it needs charging again, so that's always a plus in my book. 

UNU Aluminum iPhone/iPad Cable in Gold

This is the gold cord I was talking about earlier. I was initially curious to try a woven cord as opposed to the typical rubbery ones, and I have to say I'm impressed with the quality of this cable. Based on the pictures and item description, I thought the cord was going to be more metallic, but it feels more thread-like and soft, and it looks neat when it's plugged into your computer and/or device. They also make this cord in silver, if that's more your thing.

Vintage Book iPhone 5/5s Charging Dock

Urban Outfitters can make some really cool stuff, so I'm not a bit surprised that I found this charger in the tech section of their website.

This is the coolest charging dock I've seen in awhile. This charger is made from vintage books, and each charger is made with different vintage materials, so what you order will vary in size and color. This is great if you're wanting to charge your phone, but don't want cords going everywhere. It certainly looks natural, especially if you set it in an area like your living room, nightstand, or bookshelf. 

Handbag Butler Mighty Purse Clutch
(Pictured: "Premium" in Soft Pink Heart)

I actually heard about this bag via a YouTube video. Basically, this clutch has a hidden battery in it that will charge your phone when you set it inside the bag. As someone who's taken an external charger with me to concerts - and have had to take a long cord to plug my phone into said charger - I think this is awesome. Also, this would be amazing for travel. 

The "chic" version that's also available is less expensive than the one featured here, and has a wider color selection. All the lines have a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, though, so you can pick the bag with the style and features that are the best for you. A quick disclaimer, though: you have to purchase adapter ends separately if you want to buy a bag to charge your iPhone.

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