Thursday, October 30, 2014

This album. 

This. Album.

Taylor Swift's newest album "1989" may be the best thing she's released. Call me a "Swiftie" - I'm proud of it - but her new sound is exactly what my musical taste is right now, and it's still just as relatable as when she released those first singles.

How do I describe her new sound? It's Pop for sure, and it's a departure from the guitar strums that used to permeate every track. I didn't mind her Country sound all that much, honestly; her songwriting was what drew me to her music in the first place. I just appreciated when she stepped out of the Country box some.

Even with her shift from Country to Pop, though, she still sounds real. The instruments are different, but what she's trying to get across to her listeners is the same as it's always been - stories from her life experiences - just more grown up.

Also, I noticed that she collaborated with Imogen Heap on one of the tracks, "Clean" (you can hear Imogen in the background some on that song). When I found that out, I was super happy. I love Imogen Heap's music, too, and I'm so glad that these two got together to create music.

So, to go a little deeper with the album itself, yes, many of the songs are about past relationships. However, quite a few of the songs aren't necessarily about the boy per se, but about her experiences with relationships themselves, big phases ("Welcome to New York...it's been waiting for you"), and the haters (who are gonna hate hate hate hate hate). It all still comes down to how relatable her songs are to her audience. I may not have experienced exactly what she has, but I can still enjoy her music and reminisce about the life experiences I've had.

Absolute favorite songs: "Welcome to New York", "Blank Space", "Style", "Out of the Woods", "Shake it Off", "Wildest Dreams", "I Know Places", "Clean". 

(So, pretty much the whole album...but the entirety of it is AMAZING. Five out of five stars.)


  1. I've never been a big taylor swift fan, but her song Shake It Off has my whole family dancing!!! You keep showing your Swift love, Savanna:)

    1. Hey, Chloe! :)

      Thanks so much! And yeah, I've been dancing to Shake It Off pretty much since it came out.