Throwback Thursday & A 90's Flashback Playlist!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

So while I was in college, I did some guest co-hosting on a live radio show called the "90's Kid Flashback Hour" on our on-campus radio station. We had 90's music, 90's trivia, and a cupcake giveaway for whoever could call in and answer the daily trivia question.

Was it tedious sometimes? Yeah. But was it so much fun? OH MY GOODNESS YES.

I was usually a guest host whenever the regular co-host was out of town or doing on-site sports coverage, so when I was on the show, we would do a Girl Power edition where we played mostly female artists and talked about Disney princesses. It was as amazing as it sounds. :) We did have male guest hosts team up with us sometimes, and on those days, we talked about Legos and "Legends of the Hidden Temple".

But the best part of doing this show was definitely the music. There wasn't a time when we weren't not dancing along to whatever songs we were playing. I also got to learn about what my friends enjoyed listening to in the 90's, and I got to share my favorites. :)

I was recently inspired by this adventure on the radio and I wanted to create a 90's Flashback [Half] Hour playlist to share with y'all. :) Some of these songs are ones we played on the radio, others are my personal favorites.

Want to listen to it now? Check it out on Spotify:

Hope y'all enjoyed this playlist! :) This was one of my favorites to make for the blog.

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