Spotlight on Jewelry

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 is a store I found online, but I've been seeing their phone cases, earbuds, hair accessories, and desk accessories in various stores. I've actually talked about on this blog already (remember that fabulous gem speaker?).

If I'm looking for things that are super, super happy and in colors I normally love (gold, pink, and blue), is where I usually start.

I was browsing their site the other day when I discovered their new jewelry. Their jewelry line is just as happy as the rest of their store, and the pieces are all incredibly adorable.

Here are my favorite pieces I found while on my browsing adventure:

1. Party Banner Necklace in Stay Gold - This comes in 3 other colors and with 3 other phrases. All of these are cute, but the gold one was my favorite and probably the one I'd buy, just because how versatile it is with many outfits.

2. Girl Talk Cuff in Rad - It's rad. Need I say more? :)

3. Sweet Talk Bangle in Unicorns - I love bangles with tons of writing on them. This entire bangle reads: "You are better than unicorns and sparkles combined and you're prettier than a superstar." How cute is that??

4. It Girl Cuff in Party - These are based on their decorative bobby pins of the same name (and that whole line is amazing, too!), and I absolutely love the fact that all of these bracelets are rose gold. I can see this one in particular being great for parties, too, especially with the Holiday season coming up.

I think the whole jewelry line that has is really, really great. The pieces are so positive and so happy, and they are reasonably priced, too, so they make great gifts.

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