Isaiah 26:4 // Brunch Adventures

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy Sunday! :)

Today has been a fun day. Church was great as usual, and I learned a lot. The verse I put up today is actually not from the sermon this morning, but it was one of the daily verses I found on my Bible app a week or so back. It's stuck with me, so I thought I'd put it on the blog.

But what made today really great was a few things:

1. Prayer is a great idea in the mornings.

 Whether it's quick or longer, a thoughtful prayer can make a difference in my mood in the best way possible. Not that my mood's bad to begin with, it just adds that something, that extra spark of joy that keeps me going strong.

2. Scrambled eggs with cheese are also excellent.

Dad and I went to Noshville to have lunch today, and we were each in the mood for breakfast. I went for something I occasionally order: scrambled eggs with cheese. It's a great idea at home and at restaurants, and it's an (only slightly) unconventional food item I really enjoy.

I hope you guys have a wonderful and blessed start to your week, and I'll talk to you tomorrow in my next post! :)

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