Pamper Evening: Fall Edition

Monday, September 1, 2014

With the beginning of September comes the Fall season. I love what Fall brings: gorgeous colors, pumpkins, warm homes, and also my birthday (I'm turning 23 this year! Ahh!).

Since it's Labor Day, and since the Fall season is coming fast, I thought it'd be fun to take you step-by-step through a pamper session. :) I like doing these to relax and unwind, sometimes at night, and sometimes during a lazy day. I like doing these on the weekends, too...treating yourself to a mini pamper session can be perfect way to relax before starting a hectic work or school week.

Step 1: Light a Candle (or two)

Illume Momentary Escape Candle

I love candles. I really, really do. They set the mood immediately, relax me, and smell amazing. If you're in a Fall mood, go for a Fall-ish scent: pumpkin, cinnamon, or even coffee or chai. But if you want to go a sugary route - like I do all the time - go for it. Just choose a scent that you love. :)

Step 2: Soak in a Relaxing Bath

PHILOSOPHY Cinnamon Buns 3-In-1 Bath & Shower Gel 473.1ml / 16oz

There's nothing that can relax me faster than a warm bath. I love the great scents from the soaps I use, and I love the fact that I can just soak for a while and enjoy it.

My baths entail fizzy bath bombs and layering soaps, all in scents that I absolutely love. Bar soaps and shower gels alike work for warm baths. If you're in the market for a shower gel you can savor, I recommend Philosophy. They have every scent from chocolate to cinnamon bun to strawberry milkshake.

Also, I like to listen to music while I take a bath. I like to pull up Spotify and listen to Bastille or Mindy Gledhill.

Step 3: Treat Your Skin (Cleansing, Masks, and More)

Michael Todd True Organics Trial Size Pumpkin Mask

After your bath, treat your skin with some TLC. Cleanse your face with your favorite cleanser (I use a Clarisonic and it's quite literally the best thing for my face. It's been clearer these days and I'm loving it!).

Next, go for your favorite face mask. I like this pumpkin one by Michael Todd that I'd gotten in an Ipsy bag awhile back; it's great, but it's strong, so be aware of that if you have sensitive/combination skin like I do. There are many masks out there for different skin types and needs, though, so find the mask that works best for you!

Once you use and rinse off your mask, apply a body lotion to treat the rest of yourself, and you're set and ready for...

Step 4: Mani and Pedi!

essie greens nail color, fall in line 0.5 oz (13.04 g)

Painting my nails - fingers and toes - helps me feel put-together and lets me express myself with whatever color I'm in the mood for. Since September is here, I painted my fingers with this color I'm featuring - it's a gorgeous muted green. To complement this color, I painted my toes an espresso brown. :)

And while I paint my nails/wait between drying coats, I like to either listen to music or watch an episode I have downloaded on my iPad or an episode that's available to stream. (Doctor Who on Amazon Prime is AWESOME.)

For my full at-home manicure routine, check it out here.

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