Boston Proper and Adventures on Jumbotrons

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Boston, Day Two
September 26, 2014

On this fine New England day, we created a (flexible) game plan. Our first stop of the morning was a breakfast place we knew and loved: the Paramount at Beacon Hill.

This particular restaurant, as small as it is, is one of my favorite places to eat for both its atmosphere and their really, really great breakfast food. 

 Because of how small the restaurant is, they don't allow anyone to save tables. They expect that as soon as you stand in line, order, receive your food, and order your coffee, you'll have an empty seat waiting.

Also, they have the best home fries ever. Fact. :)

After breakfast - and an amazing caramel latte - we decided to wander the streets of Boston and shop some. While we were walking, our Apple Maps-determined route had us walking past the Boston Public Library.

This place was absolutely gorgeous!

My favorite part was the reading room. :)

After we'd shopped, we decided to grab a quick lunch at Legal Seafood (take a wild guess what it could be...hint: see image below), then rest up until our upcoming Red Sox game.

And so to the game we went, expecting more of the same excitement that we saw the night before. 

We came expecting to see Derek Jeter (since the Yankees were playing and that it was one of his last games), but instead, we wound up on the Jumbotron. THREE TIMES.

The first time, Mom and Dad and my right hand popped up on the screen, then we all did, and then we were behind another couple.

To say that was an awesome thing was an absolute understatement. :)

(Hi, Boston! :) Just a few Tennesseans passing through.)

Tomorrow's Post: We venture into Cambridge!

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