An Instagram Roundup of Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Purple Hair

Monday, September 22, 2014

1. When a group of my best friends from college came over a few weekends ago, we decided to chalk our hair on a whim. I chose purple, and I wound up really, really loving it.

2. One of my family's favorite Sunday lunch spots is Noshville Delicatessen in Nashville. If you're a fan of New York-style deli food, I highly recommend it. There's two locations right in Nashville, and there's one in the airport.

3. This candle is named after the city of Franklin. It smells like sandalwood, and it's been one of the best scents for Fall. I've found that I go for either really woodsy scents or candles that smell like cider or baked goods once Fall comes.

4. Once upon a time, I went to the Starbucks at my local Target. When it came time to order, I was torn between a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a Cotton Candy Frappuchino. When I told the barista this, he suggested a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino. I ordered this one without any coffee (I could have gotten it with decaf espresso, but I'd already had two cups of coffee that day, and I wanted a break), and it wound up being DELICIOUS. I highly recommend it. (Thanks to that barista for the suggestion!)

5. This necklace has a dinosaur on it. I can't tell if it's a velociraptor or a T-Rex, but this little trinket that one of my best friends gave me is absolutely adorable and I love it.

6. Speaking of great jewelry, I love this necklace from Baublebar.

7. Puckett's Grocery has the best breakfast. Fact. If you're in Tennessee and you've never been to a Puckett's, you seriously need to go. All of my friends from out of state - and out of country! - are huge fans, and their coffee is the stuff dreams are made of.

8. I'm a big fan of this nail polish. This little bottle of sky blue joy is "Dilly Dally" by TopShop, and it's a part of their Matte Nails line. These polishes are the best if I'm painting my nails in a hurry, as I don't need a topcoat, and they usually turn out awesome.

9. I was pet-sitting my dogs Azalea and Harvey the other day, and they were being adorable, so I had to take this snap of them. I love them to pieces! :)


  1. Lovely post, that nail polish is a really nice colour! Abi :)

    1. Hi there, Abi! :)

      Thanks so much! Glad you love the color,'s so much fun!