An Instagram Roundup of the Dog Days of Summer

Saturday, August 30, 2014

1. On our way from church to lunch a couple weeks ago, we saw this dog enjoying life and the road while cruising in a pickup truck. He looked like he was enjoying his Sunday very much. :)

2. I picked up these combat boots at an H&M in Florida, of all places. I've never owned a pair of combat boots before, but I really love the floral print on these, and the colors will be great for this coming Fall season. I've worn them with black jeans so far, but I want to try them with other pieces, too.

3. This candle smells amazing! There was another candle sale at Bath & Body Works (seriously, they have sales a lot), and I picked up this and another 3-wick candle (Pink Apple Punch, if you're curious). This particular candle smells like a joyful fruit smoothie and I love it.

4. I love my agenda I'm using this year! It's by Kate Spade, has books all over it, and has generally made my postgrad life a lot more organized. I'm able to keep track of so much, from work to social things to birthdays to everything else, which helps a lot.

5. I. love. this. nail. polish. Sally Hansen has surprised me with how great their Triple Shine nail polishes are. This particular color is called "Make Waves", and it's a fabulous shimmery mermaid teal/blue/green. This will be a great color to transition into Fall because of how fun and unexpected it is. Also, it's opaque in two coats. Opaque shimmery polishes tend to be rare these days, so it was nice that this applied so well.

6. The Loveless Cafe is awesome! If you ever visit Nashville and want good Southern cooking, you have to try this place, just because they have the best biscuits and fried chicken around. Fun fact: this was the place I had my first dinner as a postgrad; we came here right after I graduated from college. I've also been here for my 18th birthday.

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