Favorite Places for Phone Cases

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I love phone cases for two reasons: they protect your phone and they can have some really fun designs.

Not only have I been able to find cases in various stores, but I've also been able to find some really great cases online. In fact, I'm pretty sure the majority of the phone cases I've had over the years have been from online shops.

So, I thought it'd be fun to share my favorite places to find great phone cases. :) (I'm a poet and didn't know it...lol!)


This site is actually very similar to Etsy in that they feature artists, but you can actually purchase the same print in many different forms. For example, if you find a case you love, you may be able to find an art print or t-shirt that matches, and vice versa. Their selection of models to choose from isn't quite as big as, say, Etsy, but they have a huge selection of products to decorate your tech and home with. One of my all-time favorite phone cases I've ever had (a TARDIS case...shocking, right? ;]) came from this shop.

In the mood to customize your case? This site - formerly known as Casetagram - would be a great fit for you. Casetify not only has artist-contributed cases, but they also allow you to import your own photos from social media or your hard drive to create fun, one-of-a-kind cases. I really like their custom case that looks like the LOVE sculpture in NYC. Also, I love the collection of cases by Wonder Forest

I have my mom to thank for showing me these wonderfully designed cases (and products in general...I love Anna Rifle Bond's designs!). The case I currently have on my phone right now is a Rifle Paper Co. case, actually, and it's one of my all-time favorites. :) They're very well made, and many of their cases have an Inlay design that has rubber lining to protect your phone. You can also find Rifle Paper Co. cases at Sonix, too (another great site I just discovered!).

Minnie & Emma

These are some of the prettiest monogrammed phone cases I've seen in awhile. They have a huge variety of designs and quite a few case options. I really like these cases that show the full name, too. :)

So what are your favorite places to find phone cases?


  1. Thank you for your support towards Casetify (formerly Casetagram)! Have you checked out our app yet? We got some exclusive promotions ;) http://bit.ly/GKBWvR

    1. Hi there! :) I actually downloaded your app this weekend, and I love how easy it is to use!

      Thanks for checking out this post!