How I Style Graphic T-Shirts

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Graphic tees. I've been wearing them for years - whether I was in elementary school and they had some character on them, or I was in college and they had more grown-up designs mixed with the quirky ones.

This past summer, I've gotten into wearing them again. I've seen some amazing designs, and it's so much fun to find ones that I really like or that I can relate to. Also, they're super comfy and easy to throw on during my lazier days.

I want to talk to y'all about how I style them and show y'all what to wear with them. :)

But first, you need the shirt:

Graphic Tees

Modern graphic tees have a few things in common: simple design, few colors (if any), and distinct iconography and/or a quirky phrase.

I picked shirts here from some of my favorite stores. I will have to say, though, that Zara has the BEST selection of graphic t-shirts. (Wish they had a Zara in Nashville!) But you can find graphic tees nearly anywhere and at any price point.

Now that you've picked out your graphic tee of choice, let's get into styling!

With Brights

Graphic Tee with Brights

I love pairing simpler graphic tees with brights; they tend to balance each other out. The simpler and more monochromatic the design, the brighter you can go. However, if your tee of choice has more color in it, wear brights that match or complement the color of your shirt.

Pair your brights with complimentary colors (like this Hollywood tote bag) or neutrals (like these flats). Also, you can change the color of the jeans (or your bag, or your shoes) depending on the season. Darker colors are great for Fall, but neons are fantastic in this season when it's more overcast.

With Fierce Jewelry

Fierce Jewelry to pair with Graphic Tees

Fall is the season for fierce jewelry anyway, and the boldness of statement jewelry can mesh perfectly with the simplicity of graphic tees. I absolutely love the look of statement necklaces with t-shirts, and I imagine that I'll be wearing bold earrings this season, too. Also, the ear cuffs don't require you to have a cartilage piercing, so you can try the trend commitment free!

Wear these with more neutral clothing items, or darker colors, just so the jewelry stands out.

Do you like graphic t-shirts? How do you like to wear/style them?

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