What to Wear on Planes

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's no secret that I love to travel, especially by plane. It blows my mind that I can fly to a country across the Atlantic Ocean in the time that it takes to drive across two states. Also, being able to fly across the country - North or South - in a matter of a few hours is pretty awesome.

I'm packing for a trip I'm leaving on very, very soon, and one of the things I'm planning is what I'm wearing onto the plane. I think I have the airplane outfit down to a science, so I thought I'd share what I like to wear on planes with you. :)

Mainly, I focus on two things when planning what to wear on the plane: comfort and where I'm landing.

Comfort is important because of the fact that not only will you be sitting on a plane from anywhere between half an hour to a few hours (or possibly a whole day), you'll be walking to and from cars, airport security, terminals, gates, and then to your transportation when you arrive at your destination. Wearing something uncomfortable only hinders you from focusing on getting from point A to point B. Keep in mind that some of these places I mentioned may or may not be cooler than others.

Then, where I'm landing is important because I have to keep in mind that the weather where I'm going might be colder or warmer than what I'm used to (same goes for humidity). Plus, what I'm doing as soon as I land factors into this; for example, I may go sightseeing as soon as I drop my things off at the hotel.

So, based on these two factors, here's an outfit I came up with:

What to Wear on Planes

Let's break this down:

  • Graphic t-shirts are a favorite of mine because of how comfortable and versatile they are. They're great to travel in for those reasons, they can be dressed up or down, and they often go with a lot of things.
  • When I'm travelling, especially in the Fall, I wind up wearing jeans or thicker leggings. This usually helps the transition to cooler weather be as easy as possible, and pants are comfy when I'm on a plane or sitting at the gate for awhile.
  • Because planes and airports can be cooler, cardigans and layers are a good idea. Even in warmer weather, I'll still carry a cardigan in my carry-on bag just in case I get cold. Plus, it helps to have more layers if you're traveling further north.
  • Flats are a great solution for plane travel not only because of their ease and comfort, but also because of airport security. A lot of this has to do with personal taste, but I don't like to deal with shoelaces when I'm shuffling through the security line. (I will note that if you're planning to pack heavier shoes or boots, wearing them will help you have more room in your suitcase.)
  • Scarves help with the whole layering thing, of course, but they can be really cute and versatile, too. Not only can they keep you warm on cold planes and in chilly airport gates, but if you unfold or roll them, they can make great blankets or pillows if you want to catch some shut-eye once the plane takes off.
  • Fun jewelry adds interest to an outfit, travel or not. Keep it simple for a long day of travel, and it should take you from day to night, too.
  • Last, but not least, bring along a great bag for your essentials. Also, bring your carry-on luggage if you're not checking any of your bags.

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