What's In My Evening Clutch

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Events are a huge part of summer. Whether they are events like concerts, dates, girls' nights, family functions, or weddings, we all have something special that we have to plan for.

One essential for these events is a clutch or small bag. Sure, I love my large purse as much as the next girl, but it sometimes just doesn't cut it for the events I have going on. For example, would I really want to take a huge bag to a concert, especially if it's standing room only? Or, would I be spending more time fiddling through my purse for my phone to take pictures, or actually taking the pictures themselves?

So, based on these thoughts, I wanted to put together a little guide on what to pack for evenings out. Or, "how to evening clutch".

Choosing your Clutch

Purses are accessories, meaning that they are just as valuable to your ensemble as any piece of jewelry, belt, shoes, etc. Depending on your event, you can opt for a crossbody bag or a proper clutch.

What's In My Clutch: Crossbody Bag Options

Crossbody bags are excellent because they keep you hands-free and they come in a variety of styles and colors. They're also super-versatile, and can go with a variety of situations.

What's In My Clutch: "Proper Clutch" Options

"Proper clutches" are more dressy in comparison. There's usually no strap, so you're not hands-free, but they look gorgeous with more formal outfits and can dress up a more casual outfit as well. These clutches can also be smaller, too, so you may be more limited on what you can carry than you would a crossbody bag.

Clutch Essentials

Cell Phone - Please pack it fully charged for emergencies, contacting friends and folks to meet up, and recreational use (like Instagram). 

Driver's License, Cash, etc. - This is self-explanatory, but please make sure that these can't fall out of your bag. A coin purse is a great idea for these essentials.

Lip Gloss or Balm - Lip gloss or lip balm is the easiest way to refresh your makeup on the run. The less maintenance, the better, so look for products that have a lot of pigment or are natural/easy to apply, especially without a mirror.

Mints - Again, this is self-explanatory, but mints or gum are an essential for sure. I prefer mints over gum, just because trash cans to dispose of gum may not always available wherever you are.


Pack these if you have extra room in your bag. These can be event-specific, too.

Camera - Whether that's a larger camera (especially if you're the photographer at an event - in which case your camera will likely have its own bag) or a point-and-shoot, cameras are a great option if you don't want to use up your phone battery or want high-quality photos.

Mirror - Mirrors aren't always available in every situation, so a small purse-sized one may be a good option. You can also use the surface of your phone or even your phone's front-facing camera as a mirror if you're pressed for space, though.

Extra cosmetics - Pack whatever you might need, whether that's lipstick, eyeliner, blotting papers, or anything else. Roll-on perfume is a great idea, too.

External phone battery/charger - This can be a huge help at concerts, especially if you're using your phone as a camera and you don't have service at the venue. I'd recommend a smaller one, though. The less extra cords and bulk you have to deal with, the better.

Small "Emergency Items" - These can be anything from nail files to band-aids...if there's a chance you might need one of these, pack them.

What items do you like to pack in your evening bag? What would you add to this list (or remove?)

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