Pretty in Pastel

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I've recently gotten into pastels. I still love my neons/brights, but I love how pastels fit into my girly/classic style.

I've loved pastels in clothes for awhile now, but I've started to get into pretty pastel things in general. I found a couple things over the past week in pastel shades, and I thought I'd show you.

I picked up this candle on Monday. Bath & Body Works is having a semi-annual sale right now, and candles were 50 percent off (so expect a candle post very soon!). 

That being said, I LOVE the way this candle smells. According to the bottom of this fabulous glass container of joy, it's "a creamy, sweet blend of raspberry and strawberry with effervescent spun sugar finish". I love sugary/fruity scents, so this was a delightful addition to my collection of candles.

Also, the candle itself is a pretty pastel pink, and it reminded me of Italy (because gelato is basically joy in a cup or cone). B&BW actually has a lot of Italy-inspired scents at the moment, so that made me happy.

This little guy actually came from Italy. I found it whilst duty-free shopping at the Rome airport on my way home from my trip, and oh my's a combination of some of my favorite things in life - bunnies, mint, glitter, and makeup - all wrapped in probably the most adorable packaging I've ever seen.

The makeup inside is actually good quality, too! I used it when we were landing in the US, and it was nice to have eyeshadow and lip gloss in one place. I haven't worn the blush yet, but it swatched well.

Also, look at the left side. See that white product above the two pink glosses? That's eye primer. I just might be using this as a travel palette for future trips.

This makeup bunny is by Pupa Milano, and he also comes in peach and silver.

Do you like pastels? If so, what pastel things do you like - clothes, home decor, makeup, accessories, etc.?

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