My Favorite YouTube Beauty Tutorials

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I watch a ton of YouTube, and a large variety of it, too.

However, my YouTube adventures really began in high school, when I was experimenting with various makeup looks. My school had us wearing uniforms - plaid skirts and all - with little freedom to express our style. Because of this, my outlet became makeup - the brighter, the better. That's where YouTube came in. There was a seemingly endless array of tutorials for every occasion and inspired by everything imaginable.

Now that I've been in and out of college, my makeup looks have toned down considerably, and I've had fun experimenting with hair and fashion now, but I still need tips and inspiration from time to time.

So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite YouTube beauty videos.

1. Zoella's Messy Bun Tutorial

I normally keep my hair at shoulder length, so I'm not able to create a "proper" topknot all the time. That being said, though, I love the way Zoella does buns, and I use her tips even on low buns, especially with the way she creates volume.

2. Essiebutton's Easy Winged Liner Tutorial

I've been doing winged liner since high school, but I wasn't always good at it. I would somehow make the wing too long, or not long enough. The same thing kind of happens today, but once I stumbled upon this video, I realized I discovered a game-changer. All you need is eyeshadow and an angled brush to "measure twice, cut once", as she says.

3. Elleandish's Nail Tutorials

I only just recently discovered Elleandish/Janelle's nail tutorials, and I LOVE them. She makes tutorials feel easy to do, no matter how complicated they look at first. Also, I love how she gives alternate color palettes for many of her tutorials, so it's easy to change things up to fit your personal taste and/or outfit. The one I'm featuring is her Electric Daisy Carnival-inspired tutorial.

4. Any of Evelina's Get Ready With Me Videos

I love GRWM videos. But there's something about Evelina's GWRM videos that's just epic. I'm featuring her Holiday GRWM video just because I watched it so many times when it came out. It's beautifully done. It makes me want to dance to EDM and turn my own getting-ready "parties" into actual parties. (Also, if you like this one, check out one of her first GWRM videos. It's just as epic, if not more so.)

Who are your favorite beauty gurus on YouTube or blogs? Do you have favorite beauty videos that you like to watch?

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