Pompeii + Sorrento

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 18, 2014

I had the song "Pompeii" by Bastille stuck in my head for a while in anticipation for this day on our trip. :)

But alas, I actually think I liked the song better than the actual ruins. :/

Pompeii is interesting, don't get me wrong. It was neat to see the indentations in the streets where chariots had been, and it was fun finding things like an old bakery oven where bread would have been sold. Plus, I got to see Mount Vesuvius.

But, I'll be honest, there wasn't that much in Pompeii to see. I'm glad I got to see it, and that I can say that I've seen it, but I'm glad I saw it once, just because it is a touristy destination, possibly even more so than Rome.


When we drove into Sorrento later on that day, I had no idea what to expect. But once I saw the water, I realized that we were in a resort town, and I got really excited. Yay for tropical climates!

Sorrento is an absolute delight. It's not too big, but it's bright, colorful, and happy. Parts of it reminded me of Florida. We mainly shopped, wandered, and ate gelato. :) AND as of this particular adventure, I can successfully order gelato in Italian now! Yay for learning important skills!

After dinner, Mom, Dad, and I were able to walk through the town at night, starting from the harbor. It's wonderful at night, and the view of the lights along the coastline when it's dark is breathtaking.

I have to say that Sorrento is my second favorite Italian city, behind Venice. :)

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