How I'm Packing for Italy

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's only five short days until I travel on an adventure of a lifetime! I'm getting more and more excited as this is becoming more and more real. This time next week, I'll be in Italy. That blows my mind.

I want to show y'all how I pack, and some of what I'm packing. I'll still be putting things together as the week goes on, but I have a good idea of what I want to bring.

How I Pack

  • In my prior travel experiences, carrying luggage onto the plane has been a lifesaver. I've heard of too many bad experiences with lost luggage to not at least carry a spare change of clothes and the items I definitely want on my person when I'm on board/when I land. My luggage in Italy going over will be entirely carry-on, but when I go back, it will be checked, because souvenirs. This means I have to pack lighter, but it feels better knowing I have my luggage.
  • Roll. every. thing. I will be using packing cubes, which are glorious for sectioning off items, but rolling items will help me pack even more. 
  • Zip-loc bags are amazing, too. Not only will I need them for the liquids and cosmetics I'm bringing, but it will help to bring some to house jewelry. If you want anything separate that's small like that, these are a good idea.

What I Will Pack for Summer in Italy for 2 Weeks
  • Shirts (at least 4) - These will be in neutral colors so I can throw them on and go. Some of these are pastel blouses, though. I couldn't resist.
FOREVER 21 Italia Calcio V-Neck Tee

And this shirt may or may not be making an appearance ;)
  • Dresses (at least 4) - It will be nice to throw something on and go, since we're taking a pretty fast-paced tour through Italy. The only thing will be making sure that these fit the standards set by the Vatican and other such places - shoulders and knees must be covered.

Kimchi Blue Knit Floral Lace Trapeze Dress

I love this dress by Kimchi Blue (from Urban Outfitters). The color in the picture doesn't do it justice; it's a shameless neon color that makes me really happy. I also got this dress in black because they were having an amazing sale on these.
  • Leggings - I will basically live in these when we travel (at least going over). These will also help cover my legs if I need to when I go into the Vatican.
  • Cardigan - Nights will definitely be cooler, the bus may be cooler, and I will likely need one to meet Vatican requirements. The one I'm bringing has a lace/crochet back, so it will look really great with various tops/dresses I wear. 
  • Shorts - I'll probably bring a navy and a black pair. Again, these will be for ease of wear.
  • Skirt - I have a high-low skirt that I've been dying to wear for awhile now, so I'm bringing it. It's a neon pink number from H&M that will go great with t-shirts.
  • Undergarments - This should be pretty self-explanatory, but it's best to bring more than you need. Also, roll them if you can.
  • Amazing walking shoes (2 pairs) - The two brands I like for walking around cities in Europe are Converse and Clarks. Everyone has their own opinion on comfortable shoes, though, so try as many on as you need and make 100% sure that you can walk in them without blisters. Also, do not wait until you get there to really break them in. I made that mistake when I went to Paris for the first time, and we hit the Louvre on the first day. Also, I picked slip-on walking shoes, just so they will work with the dresses and skirts I bring. 
For a detailed packing list on everything (since I mainly featured clothes), I LOVE the "Pack This" list pad from They cover pretty much everything from documents you'll need to toiletries to electronics and everything else in between.

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