What's In My Carry-On Bag

Saturday, June 7, 2014

I love plane travel. Regardless of whether I'm flying across the ocean (in 2 days!!!) or flying just a few states away, I love the idea of boarding a plane and flying somewhere new.

I've been packing my carry-on bag for Italy, and I've had to put some thought into what I want to put in my backpack. 9 hours of flying will mostly be spent sleeping, but I'll have connecting flights to reckon with, along with the time I'll have to spare before the plane lands.

So, besides my personal stuff (passport, boarding pass, cash, etc.), here's what I'm planning on having with me during the 9 hour flight.

(Btdubs, the backpack I'm using is a small backpack that was provided to us by our tour company. :) They're so nice!

Also, I own a lot of these items, but some are used to represent what I have since I couldn't find exact items on Polyvore.)

Carry-On Bag Goods

Headphones, AKA my fabulous neon yellow Beats Mixrs - These were a graduation present, and are the electronic I'm most excited about carrying on. I can't wait to use them on the plane, just because of the fact that they 1) sound awesome and 2) I don't have to worry about needing a pair of headphones to watch in-flight movies. (On a side note, I kinda hope they're playing Frozen on the plane. It would be fun to lip-sync to!)

iPhone - This will be my music player, camera, and general means of talking to folks back home. Not that I don't love my point-and-shoot camera, I just wanted to use my phone just so I could post pictures to Instagram and not have to worry about extra cords. Plus, my phone takes pretty good pictures, in my opinion.

iPad - My blogging tool and Kindle for the trip. Pro tip: download books before you leave so you don't have to frantically search for WiFi just to pick up the next installment in your favorite series.

Moleskine Journals - I'm bringing one large blank lavender Moleskine journal to write/scribble/draw/paste memorabilia in, and then I'm bringing the actual Moleskine Travel Journal I got as a graduation present to document the more detailed aspects of the trip. I'm excited about using both!

Laptop - Mainly to charge my devices, blog, write stories, and generally use the internet. :)

Makeup Bag - This will house the cosmetics I'm taking on the trip. It'll be easier to carry this in my backpack just so I know that things won't get crushed.

Lip Balm - I HIGHLY recommend bringing your favorite chapstick. Don't go out and buy a different brand just because it "prevents chapped lips" or is "medicated for fast relief" or something along those lines; you could have an allergic reaction and have to deal with that in combination with the dry air of your destination - that's no fun at all. My favorites are Eos balms and good old Chapstick.

Travel Pillow - I'm going to try to sleep on the plane because jetlag and I aren't exactly the best of friends.

Earplugs - see: Travel Pillow.

Face Wipes - These will be good to give my face a fresh start once the plane takes off. That way, I can do a fresh face of makeup before I land in Rome. (YAY ROME!)

Snacks - Food is always a good idea, whether you buy it after security or bring it with you from home (provided it meets TSA requirements). Plus, if you save it for later, you'll have something to tide you over before your next meal if you have something planned after you land.

If you're traveling soon, I hope this helped you out, and that you have happy adventures wherever you go!

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