Fashion Inspired by Doctor Who

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Here lately, I've been on a Doctor Who kick. I watched the season premiere last Saturday and loved it, but when I discovered that Amazon Prime had all the episodes up until the Season 8 premiere available on Prime Instant Video, I was SO excited. I've been watching a bunch of episodes (including the 50th Anniversary Special, which I can't believe I hadn't seen before now), and it's been really fun catching up on some of the things I've missed from the show and going back to old favorites.

I love "Fashion Inspired By [Insert Fandom Here]" posts, and I love writing them and putting them together, so I thought it'd be really fun to make outfits based on all the modern Doctors (from Nine on).

Not a fan of Doctor Who? That's okay. :) You can adapt any of these outfits to your own style.

The Ninth Doctor

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The Ninth Doctor - the first doctor in the rebooted series - wears a whole lot of black, with the exception of the occasional dark red or green shirt. I decided to translate the leather jacket he wears into a faux leather dress, but you can replace it with any LBD and it'll work just fine. Just add black and silver/gold accessories and black Toms, so you can, well, "run".

The Tenth Doctor

Doctor Who: Inspired by the Tenth Doctor

The Tenth Doctor - easily my favorite - is actually one of the reasons why I have a pair of brown converse. Pair these fabulous shoes with a brown dress - inspired by his suit - and a blue cardigan. Fun fact: his suit color changes when he goes forward or backward in time in each episode (same with 11's bowtie! More on that in a sec.). Just add bracelets, thick-framed sunglasses, and you're set!

The Eleventh Doctor

Doctor Who: Inspired by the Eleventh Doctor

Two of the main things about the Eleventh Doctor that sets him apart from the rest is his optimism and quirkiness. I thought I'd channel that by pairing a fun skater dress with a cardigan that matched his suit colors - dark red and brown. "Bowties are cool", so I added bow earrings and an optional hair bow. To finish off this look, add some fun round sunglasses, red flats, and glitter nail polish.

The Twelfth Doctor has a more mature vibe going on than his counterparts, but he's still the Doctor with all the quirkiness and epic-problem solving skills to boot. This outfit would be great to transition into Fall. Just pair a navy dress with a deep red cardigan (inspired by the red lining of his jacket) with black tights and smart, lacy black oxford shoes. Add some fabulous jewelry and deep red lipstick finish off the look.

The War Doctor

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Doctor Who: Inspired By the War Doctor

Have y'all seen the 50th Anniversary special? It's GOOD. The War Doctor is fantastic and at times hilarious; he's played by the same actor who was Mr. Ollivander in the Harry Potter movies!
I tried to get this particular outfit as close to the wandering War Doctor's outfit as possible, so I found accessories primarily in tan leather. Pair these fabulous boots and jacket with black tights, a wine-colored skater dress, and a camel-colored scarf. Add some edgy gold jewelry and long-lasting deep red liquid lipstick, and you're ready to take on the Time War - or at least a Fall or Winter day.

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