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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'm a Disney fan. I always have been since I was a little girl (with the shiny VHS tapes and all), and I have a feeling that I always will be. Whenever I think of Disney movies, the Disney parks, or anything else along those lines, I just get really excited, simply because of how positive and happy Disney things are in general. 

I'd been wanting to do another tag post, and I discovered the Disney Tag awhile back via Youtube. I decided that it would be fun to incorporate it into my blog, because, hey, who doesn't love nostalgia and a little bit of Disney magic? :)

Without further ado, let's get to it!

A scene in any Disney movie you wish you could experience.

The scene in Beauty and the Beast where the Beast gives Belle the library. I always loved this as a kid, but as I got older, I appreciated it so much more. Think about it: the castle library was something that Belle couldn't have imagined having access to before she even got to the castle. Because the Beast was falling in love with her, he wanted to actually give her something meaningful instead of "chocolates...[or] promises you don't intend to keep" like Cogsworth suggested.

An unforgettable experience/moment you've had at the parks.
I would have to say experiencing Test Track and Soarin' with my family at Walt Disney World's Epcot for the first time. That, and the Kaki Gori snow cone stand and the gift shop at the Japan pavilion. And Dole Pineapple Whips, which I still want to try to make at home.

What non-Disney song(s) reminds you/brings back memories of Disney and/or the parks? 

These are tecnhically non-Disney, but I found an album of Disney songs remixed by popular DJs. I liked both these remixes and the entire TRON: Legacy soundtrack scored by Daft Punk.

When was the first time you went to a Disney park?
Goodness gracious...probably when I was five? I definitely remember going for my 7th birthday, but that wasn't my first visit.

If you could choose any Disney character to be your best friend, who would you choose? 
Belle from Beauty and the Beast. How cool would it be to talk books with her?

Who are your favorite Disney princesses?
  • Belle
  • Ariel
  • Elsa
  • Anna
  • Cinderella

Name a scene/moment in any Disney movie that never fails to make you cry.
The movie Saving Mr. Banks. I can't exactly say which moment because it's slightly complicated to explain without spoilers, but let's just say it involved a really great conversation between Walt Disney and P.L. Travers, and recurring appearance of Mickey Mouse (if you've seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about).

What is the first Disney movie you remember seeing?
Surprisingly enough, I think it was Beauty and the Beast.

What is your favorite Disney movie?
Beauty and the Beast and Frozen. Hands-down.

Who is your favorite Disney villain?
A tie between Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

What is your least favorite Disney movie?
Pinocchio. The scenes where Pinocchio joins the bad kids scared me really badly as a kid (where it gets all surreal and stuff). It probably wouldn't scare me so much as an adult, but I haven't watched it since.

What is your favorite Disney song?

"Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid, and then "Let it Go", "For the First Time in Forever", and "Love is an Open Door" from Frozen. Oh, and "So This is Love" from Cinderella.

What Disney Character(s) has your personality or has your dream personality?
It's a combination of Belle and Anna for sure. I love books, but I consider myself a romantic and an optimist.

If you had to get stuck on any ride in any Disney park for more than 30 minutes, what would you want it to be?
I would say Peter Pan's Flight. If I'm going to be stuck on a ride, I may as well be stuck in a flying pirate ship over a London skyline. :)

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