Mini Candles in Mini Mason Jars!

Friday, August 15, 2014

I told y'all about my discovery of Mason Jar Candles from Bath & Body Works a while ago. Then, when I was at the mall running an errand, B&BW just happened to be nearby, and out of curiosity (and having heard about the new Vanilla Chai scent), I wanted to check out their candles.

I soon discovered that miniature versions of said mason jar candles existed. They fit right into the palm of my hand. How cute are these?!

I found a couple scents to try, and I thought I'd share them with you. :)

Blackberry Bramble Tea

The art of tea is perfected in sweet, fragrant blackberries combined with a hint of sugar and spice.

This smells just like blackberry cobbler and I absolutely love it. :) It's not too terribly strong, either, so it's nice to have burning while you're working on tasks or having people over. This comes in the regular mason jar and 3-wick sizes online, but I saw this in the mini sizes in-store, so you may be able to find this smaller one easier in person.

Vanilla Chai

Savor the fragrance of authentic, high-quality Madagascar vanilla bean blended with cinnamon, chai spices and foamy cream for the best chai ever.

I haven't gotten the chance to burn this one yet, but it smells just like you would expect a chai tea would - spicy and sweet. I love drinking chai lattes anyway (I'll sometimes get them with raspberry or vanilla at Starbucks), so I have a feeling this will be a great scent to transition into the coming Fall season. This one comes in the mini size online, as well as in the regular, 3-wick, and wallflower plug in.

Would you try any of these scents? What candle scents do you prefer?

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