What to Pack for Quick Getaways (Warm Weather)

Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm getting ready to go on a quick trip in the city very soon, and I'm SO excited about it! :) Packing for quick trips is the best; you have a short amount of time, but it's fun to plan out excactly what you want to do in a specific place.

Packing for these kinds of trips is also relatively easy. All you really have to do is pack favorite clothing items and essentials, and maybe a couple extra items depending on potentially inclement weather.

August is also a good time to squeeze in a last-minute getaway somewhere, whether it's to visit family or friends before school/work gets back into full swing, or just because. With this in mind, here's what I would pack - alongside absolute essentials - for a quick getaway in warmer weather. :)

(Quick disclaimer here: The clothing items I would pack reflect my personal style. Feel free to alter this list to fit yours, and feel free to add and remove items to fit your trip length or destination. This is the most similar to what I'm planning to take on my upcoming trip.)

What To Pack for Quick Getaways (Warm Weather)

Clothing Items/Accessories:

  • Skater dresses: I love these just because they're super comfortable and so easy to pack. They come in a massive variety of colors and patterns, too, and they're easy to dress up or down.
  • A cardigan: Carry one to layer if it gets chilly where you're going.
  • Comfy ballet flats: Again, huge variety and easy to dress up or down, but they're also extremely versatile and can go with many outfits.
  • A few pieces of jewelry: One statement or simple piece is really all you need for a short trip, but if you're planning on dressing up one evening, pack one of each. I recommend one or two neutral items that go with everything.
  • One pair of sunglasses: I recommend a less expensive pair in case you lose them, but pick a pair that fits your style. I love brightly colored or pastel frames.
  • Hair ties: This may be a no-brainer (especially if it's hot), but they're nice to have around, just because you usually need them the most when you don't have one on your wrist. Plus, your bestie may need one, so it's nice to have extras for that reason. I like brightly colored elastic ties that double as bracelets in a pinch, but any ties are fine.
  • A crossbody purse: Carry your essentials for the day in this bag: wallet, lipstick, phone. (On a side note, how cute is that grapefruit bag?!)

Beauty Must-Haves:

  • An easy-to-pack makeup bag: Throw your essentials into a makeup bag that's easy to slip into your carry-on bag. Just don't forget to separate your liquids in a quart-sized bag if you're flying anywhere.
  • Nail polish and remover: I love having my nails painted when I travel somewhere, and I'll sometimes wear a specific color so whenever I wear it again, I remember the trip. I'll sometimes bring the color I wear for touch-ups, and if I pick up a color somewhere on my journey, remover comes in handy (Get it? hand...y? ...I thought the pun was a good one this time around).
  • Solid perfume: This is so you don't have to worry about cramming another liquid into your bag, especially if you're packing your own shampoo and other toiletries like that. 
  • Lip balm: I can't stress how important it is to have a good lip balm while traveling. Between dry air on planes and potentially dry air at your destination, your lips can go through a lot. Pack a tried-and-true one; I packed a brand-new balm one time, only to find that I was allergic to the menthol in it, and it made my already-dry lips even worse. That's absolutely no fun.

Carry-On Bag Must-Haves:

  • A great backpack: Backpacks have always been my bag of choice for air travel, just because they're easy to carry and they don't hurt as much in the long run (trust me, I've had my shoulders rubbed raw from plenty a messenger or tote bag). 
  • Headphones: I can't stress enough how great an investment quality headphones are. Research various brands headphones very thoroughly (whether you like over-ear or in-ear), and you'll be so happy not to purchase another pair of earbuds just because the speakers on your old ones shorted out after three months. My Beats that I got for graduation are my favorite, and even though the pair I have (pictured above) aren't necessarily "noise cancelling", they may as well be. (If you're curious, I have the Beats Mixr headphones. They just came out with some new colors!)
  • iPad: I use mine to read books and watch TV episodes on trips.
  • Cell phone: For making calls, sending texts, listening to music, and taking photos. Believe it or not, I love using my iPhone as my sole camera. I tried it in Italy and I'm so happy with how my pictures came out. It was super-easy to share my photos with friends easily via Instagram or other social media. Plus, having a smart phone is great for traveling just because of the ability to look up store hours, restaurants, and directions/addresses for cabs. Yay!
  • Laptop: I use this to work, write, blog, and - of course - surf the interwebs.

What do you like to pack for quick trips?


  1. I love this bestie! And you listed all the usual things I like to bring and that's why we're besties because we're so much alike! :D

    1. Aww, thanks bestie! :D And I love how we do tend to pack the same stuff on trips!