An Instagram Roundup of Closing One Year and Starting the Next

Thursday, January 1, 2015

1. I love my Galactic Green Tieks. They were a Christmas gift, and they're my new favorites.

2. I also received a Ciaté advent calendar. The different days all had different quotes, but I felt like this one fit me the most. Ha!

3. Dad and I went to Florida to get away for a few days. It was a lot of fun, and we had many adventures, including seeing the third Hobbit movie extremely late at night and drinking ALL the coffee.

4. Rosemary Beach is lovely around the Holiday season. Just drive through town and you'll find that the trees are decked in gorgeous lights. 

5. Speaking of drinking ALL the coffee...there's a funny story behind this Instagram snap. I posted this and tagged Grayt Grounds of Monet Monet, one of my all-time favorite local coffee shops down in FL. Upon posting, the owner called out to the entire shop, "Savannah Cake is in the house!" (savannah_cake is my username). The owner and one of the baristas were extremely appreciative that I gave them a shoutout via social media, and that was really sweet of them to give me a shoutout back.

6. Bananagrams is a game that I usually play with friends and family down here. I played a few rounds with some family friends of mine, and we had a blast. At the end of each round, we try to create a sentence out of the words we make (which usually turns into a hilarious story).

7. Sundog Books is my favorite bookshop in Seaside. I had to stop there while we were passing through. I can remember visiting this store a whole bunch throughout my childhood, and it's still a thriving independent bookseller today. Plus, there's a great record store upstairs!

8. This is my year-end snap of 2014. In it, I made a collage of four excerpts from the past year: my graduation, my family's trip to Italy, my family getting on the JumboTron at Fenway Park in Boston, and my 23rd birthday party with my pals.

9. And this is my very first post of 2015! Happy New Year, everyone! :)

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