Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I enjoy the process of "winding down". I like when the tasks of the day are finished, and all that's left is to relax and rest before tomorrow comes. Sometimes, it's tricky to wind down, whether I'm thinking about the next day's events or I'm just wound up from the coffee or chocolate I had earlier (fun fact: I'm so sensitive to caffeine that I will actually still be awake at night if I have a cup of coffee at about 3-4 PM or so).

So, what is it that I like to do when I'm winding down? That's exactly what I want to talk to you about. :)

Watch YouTube Videos

I love watching videos on YouTube. In fact, I probably watch more YouTube than actual television; there's more to choose from, and it's all on demand (the same could be said of Amazon Prime, Netflix, and the like). I'll watch funny videos, or I'll watch makeup/fashion tutorials from my favorite vloggers and bloggers that I needed to catch up on.

Listen to Great Music

I actually discover a lot of great music at night, whether that's through Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere else. I'll either put on my headphones or play music through my laptop speakers while writing, catching up on blogs, or even actually blogging. :)

Catch Up on Social Media

This goes along with the catching up with blogs (I use the Bloglovin' app for that), but I like to scroll through my Facebook and/or Instagram feeds before bed.

Here lately, I've been enjoying an app called Steller. It's like following blog posts, but you check out people's photo stories. I've been looking up photo stories for places I'm planning on visiting soon. :) But they pretty much have a photo story for everything, and they're just fun to look through. I want to try to make my own photo stories using the app at some point.

Reading Novels

There's really nothing like a great novel before bed. :) I especially love reading in bed when it rains. (I have great memories of falling asleep to rain on my roof, whether I'm reading or not.)

Reading my Bible

Last, but absolutely not least, I read my Bible every night before bed. I usually use a Bible app on my phone for this, and I often read the "verse of the day" or a verse I'd bookmarked previously.

Also, I enjoy using devotional apps. My favorites are She Reads Truth and Jesus Calling.

What's your favorite way to wind down at night?

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