Backward Glance

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Well,'s almost time for the New Year.

So much happened this year: I graduated from college, jumped headfirst into the real world with my first postgraduate job, started writing for a magazine, visited Italy for the first time, visited tons of places from my childhood with dear friends of mine, among other grand adventures. And, last but not least, I started this blog. :) I truly feel blessed.

Many wonderful things happened in 2014, and I will look back on this year fondly, but I am honestly so excited for 2015. New years mean new beginnings, and new beginnings mean that opportunity is just around the corner. Will everything be cupcakes and daisies? No. But will I share the year's experiences with people I love? Absolutely, positively yes.

I have adventures to look forward to already - at least three of them being in the next three months - but new years also have a way of surprising you. I'm planning on enjoying the year as it comes, and I know and trust that God has a plan for my 2015, and His story for my life is greater than any I can create for myself. :)

So, instead of dwelling on the past too much, I intend to just take a backward glance to see how God has blessed me and how I have grown. At the stroke of adventures await. :)

Happy New Year! :) I hope the start of your year is as amazing as you all are.


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