Wednesday, January 14, 2015

While I was doing some stuff for work today, I remembered that Meghan Trainor was releasing an album this month. I had no idea that it was releasing sooner than I had expected, so I was in for a delightful surprise when I turned on Spotify and saw that her new, full-length album "Title" was ready to stream.

So, I hit "play" and enjoyed the album while I took care of items on my to-do list.

The album itself has a bubblegum retro feel that I was drawn in to, especially after hearing "All About That Bass" play months ago on the radio and YouTube. This mood carries through the album for the most part, but there are a ton of slow ballads on the album as well. Some of these are fantastic, and others are a little too mellow for my tastes.

As for what she sings about, the subject matter is primarily about guys. There are a few tracks on here that are really sweet. You can tell that she's not settling for just anyone (and won't let her friends settle for less either), and she doesn't want to move too fast in relationships. In fact, there were really only a couple of songs I didn't like.

Overall, I give this album 8 out of 10 pieces of bubblegum. It's a lot of fun, but I wish more of the album followed the same upbeat precedent that "All About That Bass" and "Lips Are Movin" had.

Favorite Songs: "All About That Bass", "Dear Future Husband", "Like I'm Gonna Lose You", "What If I", "Lips Are Movin", "No Good For You"

Have you listened to this album yet? What do you think?

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