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Thursday, January 29, 2015

This hotel. My goodness. Where do I even start?

It's a hipster's paradise, complete with slick typography wherever you look, great music, and quirky and happy little details. The closest thing I can think of that's even remotely similar back home is Barista Parlor, but that's teeny-tiny and mainstream compared to this place.

(On a side note, I literally couldn't stop instagramming things there. There's just too many wonderful things there to photograph!)

Here's what I love:

  • The atmosphere (see above)
  • Listening to ALL the great music with Mom (we blasted Adele, Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, and Bastille, to name a few)
  • The coffee at King's Highway is AWESOME. (Best caramel latte ever!!!)
  • They have a PHOTO BOOTH.
  • And they also have fire places, which make excellent reading nooks
  • The hotel plays great music intermittently outside and in the lobby. (Examples: Vance Joy, Gnarls Barkley, Muse, and many, many more)
  • Did I mention how great the caramel lattes were?
The restaurant, King's Highway, is a really, really fun place to eat. It's a converted Denny's, but you wouldn't be able to tell it from the eclectic mix of rustic and retro decor.

Also, they have an awesome grilled beef burger. YUM.

Besides exploring and relaxing in and around the hotel, Mom and I took part in a crafting workshop hosted by Heather Ross. It was great fun with great company. :)

Here's what all we did:
  • Wove on a loom and learned how to weave in fringe (which is actually way easier than it looks)
  • I made a DRESS. :) It's super cute, turquoise, and reversible.
  • I learned crewel embroidery (which is embroidering wool thread through's easy!)

This is the dress I made. :)

Thanks for reading my Palm Springs adventures!

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