[Affordable] Suitcase Shopping Tips

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mom and I had a conversation yesterday about luggage. We have a trip coming up, and we were discussing what suitcases we were planning on taking. I have a favorite blue one that I've used for many trips; it's scuffed, but it's well-loved. I've had it for years. Mom has some suitcases that she feels the same way about.

So what happens when your suitcase gets too scuffed up, its wheels fall off, it completely breaks while traversing through airline baggage claims, or anything else that could send it to "suitcase heaven"? What do you do when you're in the market for a piece of luggage? Well, if you're shopping for luggage that's durable AND affordable, you're in luck. I have a couple places for you to look when buying suitcases.

T. J. Maxx

T. J. Maxx (or T. K. Maxx if you're in the UK) can have some great hidden gems, and some of them reside in the luggage section, or the clearance luggage. Your choices in color are quite limited, but the brands they sell are refutable and durable (that being said, be sure to research if you want to be 100% sure of what you're buying). My blue hardsided luggage came from T. J. Maxx. :)

Pro tip: Do NOT buy a black suitcase. Those are more likely to get stolen due to how similar they look to everyone else (I know this from experience). Instead, opt for a bright or a pastel color (or, if you want to stay understated, go with a brown or deep burgundy color).


Not only does Amazon have great luggage at great price points, but they also have other travel essentials you might need (for example, packing cubes and travel wallets). The prices will vary depending on what's on sale and what brand you're looking for, but some of the pieces are available for 2-day shipping if you have a Prime account.

Pro tip: Buy a suitcase that fits the way you travel. Do you frequent many airports and/or fly internationally? Go for a four-wheeled slider suitcase. Are you more of a roadtripper? Go for a duffel or a soft-sided suitcase.

I hope these tips helped you out! :) Where do y'all find great suitcases?

Also, brief disclaimer: I am not affiliated with or sponsored by T. J. Maxx or Amazon. I just wanted to share my favorite places to shop for luggage. :)

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