How to Pack the Perfect Weekend Bag

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I. love. weekend. trips.

I just went on one recently. And I have a feeling I'll be going on many more. But the reason why I love weekend trips so much is that they are a fantastic way to get a vacation in without interrupting your routine in real life so much.

Packing for these kinds of trips can be very tricky, though. However, I think I finally have a system down, and I want to share it with you guys.

Step 1: Make a list with specifics.

Whether it’s on your phone, an iPad, or even some kind of bullet journal or planner, making a list will definitely help you keep your items straight. You can wing it, sure, but you’re more likely to leave necessities that you didn’t remember while throwing things in your bag.

Also, since a weekend is pretty short as far as trips go, you may actually do well to pack by outfit. I normally don’t like doing this (I like options!), but if your space is limited, you may want to, say, plan on packing three shirts, a dress (you never know if you’ll be going to a nice dinner, and it’s good to have one on hand for Sundays if you’re attending church during your trip), and a couple pairs of shorts or jeans. That’s what I did for my weekend in Montgomery.

Step 2: Double-check your weather. 

This is a must! It’s not fun to pack for a sunny weekend when it winds up raining the whole time. That being said, be prepared for inclement weather just in case; pack shoes with some tread and an umbrella at the very least. Keep it minimal, since it’s just a weekend trip, but it’s better safe than sorry.

Also, it helps to bring layers. That way, if it does wind up being warmer where you are, you won’t have to worry. And if it’s colder, you’re prepared. It’s a win-win.

Step 3: Never underestimate the power of a great bag. 

I love my Ace Hotel duffel bag I got for Christmas. It’s huge and perfect for weekend trips because it has tons of space while still having the ability to fit in car trunks easily. But if you prefer a hard-sided case, a carry-on size would be a great fit.

Step 4: Also, never underestimate the power of packing cubes.

My mom and I have been using packing cubes for awhile now. Even for short weekend trips, packing cubes are a great way to keep your bag clutter-free and organized by clothing type. For a weekend, I categorize my clothing into two cubes, and then pack a laundry bag. This pack from Amazon comes with a set of cubes and a laundry bag, and it’s my favorite.

Step 5: Roll. Those. Clothes. 

Packing cubes or not, rolling your clothes is a great way to utilize all the space you have, especially if your bag is on the smaller side.

Of course, I wouldn’t roll things like dresses that wrinkle easily, but I’d at least roll shirts and even jeans to save space.

Step 6: Travel sized items!

Let’s be honest…you really won’t need a whole tube of toothpaste or that entire bottle of shower gel for two days. Don’t get me wrong, you can still pack toothpaste and shower gel, just don’t pack enough to last a month when you only need it for a fraction of a week.

That being said...

Step 7: When in doubt about toiletries, pack them.

For example: are you wondering if there will be a hair dryer where you are staying? If so, go ahead and pack it. The reason why is that you may be the only one who brings it, and it’s better to be the one who shares the hair dryer with everyone else than to be the one who’s constantly asking for it.

Also, if you are sharing a hotel room with a few people, it’s a lot better to pack extra soap, just because amenities will be limited to the tiny travel sizes provided at the hotels. I packed extra goodies and soaps when I went to Hawaii, and though that was a longer trip than a weekend, I’m so happy I did.

Worst comes to worse, you can just pick up any extras at nearby drugstores.

What do you like to pack for weekend trips?

Quick disclaimer before I go. I am not being paid for any specific products linked or mentioned. I just wanted to share what I love with you guys. :)

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