I Tried Pure Barre.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It’s been a good while since I’ve worked out.

I used to do Zumba a ton in college, but ever since they quit offering it (and I graduated a few years ago), I’ve been kinda off the workout bandwagon. 

So when my friend Kinsey invited me to a Pure Barre class with her this week, I was intrigued. I decided to go for it.

Would I recommend it? Well, yes…but it depends on your experience. I would definitely try to go to a “foundations” or some kind of beginner class first. While it was good to get thrown into the midst of it, so to speak, I would have liked to learn some of the techniques they use beforehand. That way, you know what kind of intensity is ahead.

And, y’all, it’s intense.

This is a full-body workout with trace elements of yoga and other exercise programs. Plus, weights, exercise balls, stretching tubes, and mats are involved (for some of the yoga bits). And it is very fast-paced, too…kind of like Zumba, where you follow the teacher without stopping, but with more intensity and no dancing. 

Plus, when it’s your first class, they work with you to make sure you at least know basic terminology before you get started. As such, it’s important to get there early. (Also, as there is a lot of floor exercising, I’d recommend leggings. Plus, they ask you to wear socks during the class, so make sure you have those.)

Afterwards, Kinsey and I went out for Jamba Juice. Because, why not?

If you want to try Barre for yourself, I’d recommend signing up for the free trial using their app. Then, that way, you have a full week to try the class out. Plus, I recommend going with a friend, too. (That's a good idea for any fitness class, just so it doesn't feel as intimidating.)

Will I be going back? Maybe someday. As I'm typing this, I'm pretty sore, so I may wait on going until later. But am I glad I tried it? Yes. :)

Have you ever tried Pure Barre or similar? What did you think of it?

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